Benjamin Drury

The Culture Guy
Benjamin Drury

“Rid your organisation of politics, reclaim your time, increase revenue and create a massively high performing team!”

Building the right culture creates a 'healthy' organisation. Most businesses are smart organisations – they have effective strategy, marketing, financial controls and technology infrastructure. Very few medium to large organisations are 'healthy' – minimal politics, clarity of goals throughout the organisation, high morale, nearly zero staff turnover, high productivity.

Being clear on your purpose and ensuring every part of the organisation reinforces that purpose creates a 'healthy' organisation and gives businesses a huge advantage over their competitors – they can focus more easily on the what's important; cycle through problems and rally round solutions much quicker; they create a culture where employees are able to excel, be more productive and reach goals faster.

Benjamin has a series of books and can be booked as a speaker.


Benjamin is based in the London and is an ONLE Virtual Member.

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