Sarah Hudson

The Rainbow Centre
Sarah Hudson

What an individual can do is far more important than what they can’t do.

The Rainbow Centre was created by a small group of parents looking to provide the best help and support they could for their children with Cerebral Palsy. That search led to finding Conductive Education, a system of learning based on the simple concept of human potential that everyone has the capability to learn and develop, irrespective of their starting point. This is the Rainbow Centre’s DNA and, over 30 years, the secret of our neurorehabilitation success.

Those with a disability are often assessed for what they can’t do, as opposed to their potential – for what they can do.

Our Conductors are highly trained to observe this potential in a person, to nurture their development, and to devise a structured programme to enable success. Conductive Education takes a holistic approach to helping both children and adults achieve their maximum potential, regardless of their starting point. It is this positive and inclusive attitude that is at the heart of making the Rainbow Centre a special place


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