Nathan Bull MOst DO ND BSc

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Nathan Bull

As a musculoskeletal pain and injury rehabilitation specialist, I help people from all walks of life, and at different stages of that walk of life, with their aches and pains. This can range from headaches to ankle sprains and everything in between. 

The ever growing list of letters after my name allows me to do what I do. A 4 years integrated Masters Degree and Diploma in Osteopathy and Naturopathy and my separate, but related, Biomedical Science Degree. 

My practice involves using my hands to assess, diagnose and treat a spectrum of musculoskeletal disorders. I consider a person’s nutritional status and lifestyle habits which may also impact that person’s overall health and ‘healing capacity’. Subtle adjustments to help improve recovery time. 

Pain is pretty much always invisible, and over my time treating people, this can be frustrating and bewildering. 

Why has this happened to me? How did it happen? What do I do? 

I take the time to consider and explain to the best of my knowledge the ‘whys’, ‘hows’ and ‘whats’. Giving people confidence to carry on, beat their pain and live a happy life.


Nathan is a member of the Carey’s Manor, Brockenhurst breakfast group.