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At Nfinite we are passionate about people and relationships.   Our value is to inspire our customers and provide pragmatic sales methods for you to attract new customers and engage with your existing ones.  Our approach shortens your sales cycles whilst developing longer term relationships with your customers.

Services include helping small businesses with -  

  • Sales/ Marketing Coaching / Consultancy

  • Developing high level sales planning

  • Implementing processes

  • Obtaining funding from suppliers to pay for sales/ marketing activities

  • Providing freelance sales

  • Outsourced Marketing (overseeing projects rather than executing on them) 

Typical challenges a company may be having in order to use my services include that they -

  • Wish to obtain new customers or upsell to their existing ones

  • Don’t like selling and / or don’t have time for selling

  • Have an exhibition coming up and only want to capture leads ie people who are interested in their offering

  • Need help internally to build a longer term plan and no idea where to start

  • Are growing company with no internal processes around business development

We offer a free one hour review to understand small companies’ challenges, provide some recommendations and see how we may be able to help/ work with them.

Nfinite – Providing endless growth with limited budgets


Louise is a member of the Four Seasons Hotel, Hook Lunch group.