ONLE Membership details

What does it cost to join ONLE?
ONLE membership is £396 (VAT inclusive) per year. Members than pay a monthly meeting fee for their core group . This ranges from £20 - £30 depending on the venue. Both membership and monthly meeting fees are collected via direct debit.

What are the rules regarding attendance?
You become a member of a core group of your choosing and the monthly meeting fee gives you automatic inclusion to the meetings from the moment you join. If you decide to visit other groups within the ONLE Network then you can do so by booking online as and when you wish.

If for any reason you can’t make a meeting then we suggest you gift your meeting to a colleague or client - it’s a shame to see the space go to waste. Unfortunately no refunds can be offered for non attendance.

How do I join?
Simply complete the form below and once membership has been authorised you will be sent the links to complete payment.

If you have any questions, please contact us for further information.


ONLE Membership Form

What do ONLE members receive?

ONLE Members’ Directory profile
• Access to member-only ONLE Facebook group
• Sharing of content/events/blogs via ONLE social channels
• Monthly online training sessions and in-meeting roundtable discussions
• Membership to a ‘core group’ to visit every month and build lasting relationships
• Access to multiple additional ONLE meetings throughout the month

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