A-Z Member Directory

By Name

Genevieve Ali - Script + Vine
Varsha Amin - Lotus X
Cat Archer Underwood - The Brandologist
Gary Ashley - Chef Gary
Phil Avery - Future Point 4 Business

Diane Bantten - Acquit Debt Recovery
Monique Basil-Wright - The Wright Stationery
Pam Bates - Silk Bow Events
Laura Beavis - Wessex Cancer Trust
Jen Bekker - Travel Counsellors
Kate Bickford - The Home Business Mentor
Joanne Bonnett - Arbonne
Laura Bowyer - Employment Matters
David Brookes - HWB Accountants
Richard Brooks - Rational
Karen Brooks - Pellings Business Solutions
Kate Browning - Honeypot Children’s Charity
Kelly Bruton - New Leaf Solicitors
Lara Bull - Phoenix Project Services

Scott Cairns - Four Seasons
Derek Carr - Federation of Small Businesses
Steve Carter - SC Courier Services
Helen Clements - Troy Accounting
Jessica Cleary - Careys Manor
Judith Charmer - Winchester Hospice
Lisa Cook - Level 3 Creative
Stu Cooper Cooper Photography
Louise Crockett - The Perfect Assistant
Jim Culverwell - Culverwell Consulting
Victoria Cumberledge - Eternal Blooms by Victoria
Will Currie - The Joy Barden Practice, St James’s Place Wealth Management

Rosie Davies - Social World
Rachel Denham - Best Western Chilworth Manor
Suzy Dierckx - Sociable Suzy
Boo Donovan - Troy Accounting
Sandie Doyle - Sandie Doyle Hypnotherapy
Benjamin Drury - The Culture Guy

Andrea Ellins - Forget Me Not Crafts
Kerrie Ellis - Kerrie Ellis Image Consultant & Personal Stylist
Maria Etteridge - Smarty Pantz


Pru Gayton - PAC Copywriting
Tam Goldsmith - Tam Goldsmith Creative
Sharron Gordon - Couture Aesthetics
Lucy Griffiths - Front Page Advantage
Sam Griffiths - Mealo
Sinem Guven - BD Party Events

Guy Hanson - The Winchester Resident Magazine
Nisha Haq - Nisha Haq Photography
Colin Harding - ActionCOACH Solent
Tammi Heals - Shadowcat Creative
Betty Hemingway - The Mindset Architect
Zoe Herbert - Travel Counsellors
Nichola Hibbert - Hotel du Vin
Liz Hickey - Cupio Personal Matchmaking
James Holmes - Hampshire Hypnotherapy & Counselling Centre
Sarah Hudson - The Rainbow Centre
Natalie Hutchins - No Limits
Liz Hynd - Oriental Lillies
Paul Hynd - Oriental Lillies


Vicki Jakes - Way Out Far
Jane Johnson - Homexperts
Lisa Johnson - Pearl Lifestyles
Mark Jones - Mark Jones Online
Suzanne Jones - ESJ Business Solutions

Finn Kellow-Webb - Finn Kellow-Webb
Mark Kinally - Eight Wealth Management
Georgie Krone - Heart Social

Michael Laskowski - Konings
Susie Leverton - Capital Planning Partners
Naomi Light - Naomi Light Coaching
Sarah Lowe - Sarah Lowe Credit Management
Kriss Lumsden - Kriss Lumsden Astrologer

Richard Mack - RT Promotions
Jack Manley - Freestyle Digital
Jill McDonagh - Priors Court
Andy McGhie - Pinnacle Performance
Dave Munday - DM Property Services
Emma-Louise Munro Wilson - EMARI
Keith Myers - The Myers Touch

Tasha Newland - The Hampshire Wedding Club


Mark Page - Action Coach
Bridget Pallas - The Art of Zen Living
Mandy Papas - Positively You
Drew Patel - Your Lead Machine
Claire Payne - All Star Marketing Club
Laura Payne-Stanley - Laura Payne-Stanley
Tom Perkins - Evolve Websites
Deborah Philbrow - Hursley Workroom
Liz Pusey - Liz Pusey Communications
Reece Pye - Strong Minds


Matt Radford - The Lagoon
Chris Rees - Rees Leisure
Mimi Ronald - Travel Counsellors

Kate Self - Travel Counsellors
Kevin Shaw - Kevin Shaw & Associates
Kevin Sheldrake - The Boardroom
Trudy Simmons - The Daisy Chain Group
Matt Smith - WPA Healthcare
Martin Strutt - Collingbourne Wealth Management

Jude Thomson - St James’s Place


Anni Vidgren - Four Seasons

Robin Waldman - Robin Creative Media
Mel Wardle - The Magazine Connection
Lewis Watson - LW Repairs
James Welsh - College. But Different
James West - Clean Slate Websites
Kelly West  - Kelly Louise West
Michele White - Trethowans
Daniel Whitfield - Spritzed
Dawn Wood - Minstead Trust




By Company

Action Coach - Mark Page
ActionCOACH Solent - Colin Harding
Acquit Debt Recovery - Diane Bantten
All Star Marketing Club - Claire Payne
Arbonne - Joanne Bonnett

BD Party Events - Sinem Guven
Best Western Chilworth Manor - Rachel Denham

Capital Planning Partners - Susie Leverton
Careys Manor - Jessica Leary
Chef Gary - Gary Ashley
Clean Slate Websites - James West
College. But Different - James Welsh
Collingbourne Wealth Management - Martin Strutt
Cooper Photography - Stu Cooper
Couture Aesthetics - Sharron Gordon
Culverwell Consulting - Jim Culverwell
Cupio Personal Matchmaking - Liz Hickey

DM Property Services - Dave Munday

Eight Wealth Management - Mark Kinally
EMARI - Emma-Louise Munro Wilson
Employment Matters - Laura Bowyer
ESJ Business Solutions - Suzanne Jones
Eternal Blooms by Victoria - Victoria Cumberlege
Evolve Websites - Tom Perkins

Federation of Small Businesses - Derek Carr
Finn Kellow-Webb - Finn Kellow-Webb
Forget Me Not Crafts - Andrea Ellins
Four Seasons - Scott Cairns
Four Seasons - Anni Vidgren
Freestyle Digital - Jack Manley
Front Page Advantage - Lucy Griffiths
Future Point 4 Business - Phil Avery


Hampshire Hypnotherapy & Counselling Centre - James Holmes
Heart Social - Georgie Krone
HomeXperts - Jane Johnson
Honeypot Children’s Charity - Kate Browning
Hotel du Vin - Nichola Hibbert
Hursley Workroom - Deborah Philbrow
HWB Accountants - David Brookes



Kelly Louise West - Kelly West
Kerrie Ellis Image Consultant & Personal Stylist - Kerrie Ellis
Kevin Shaw & Associates - Kevin Shaw
Konings - Michael Laskowski
Kriss Lumsden Astrologer - Kriss Lumsden

Laura Payne-Stanley - Laura Payne Stanley
Level 3 Creative - Lisa Cook
Lotus X - Varsha Amin
LW Repairs - Lewis Watson

Mark Jones Online - Mark Jones
Mealo- Sam Griffiths
Minstead Trust - Dawn Wood

Naomi Light Coaching - Naomi Light
Nisha Haq Photography - Nisha Haq
New Leaf Solicitors - Kelly Bruton
No Limits - Natalie Hutchins

Oriental Lillies - Liz Hynd
Oriental Lillies - Paul Hynd

PAC Copywriting - Pru Gayton
Pearl Lifestyles - Lisa Johnson
Pellings Business Solutions - Karen Brooks
Phoenix Project Services - Lara Bull
Pinnacle Performance - Andy McGhie
Positively You - Mandy Papas
Priors Court - Jill McDonagh
Liz Pusey Communications - Liz Pusey


Rational - Richard Brooks
Rees Leisure - Chris Rees
Robin Creative Media - Robin Waldman
RT Promotions - Richard Mack

Sandie Doyle Hypnotherapy - Sandie Doyle
Sarah Lowe Credit Management - Sarah Lowe
SC Courier Services - Steve Carter
Script + Vine - Genevieve Ali
Shadowcat Creative - Tammi Heals
Silk Bow Events - Pam Bates
Smarty Pantz - Maria Etteridge
Sociable Suzy - Suzy Dierckx
Social World - Rosie Davies
Spritzed - Daniel Whitfield
St James’s Place - Jude Thomson
Strong Minds - Reece Pye

Tam Goldsmith Creative - Tam Goldsmith
The Art of Zen Living - Bridget Pallas
The Boardroom - Kevin Sheldrake
The Brandologist - Cat Archer Underwood
The Culture Guy - Benjamin Drury
The Daisy Chain Group - Trudy Simmons
The Hampshire Wedding Club - Tasha Newland
The Home Business Mentor - Kate Bickford
The Joy Barden Practice, St James’s Place Wealth Management - Will Currie
The Lagoon - Matt Radford
The Mindset Architect - Betty Hemingway
The Myers Touch - Keith Myers
The Perfect Assistant - Louise Crockett
The Rainbow Centre - Sarah Hudson
The Magazine Connection - Mel Wardle
The Winchester Resident Magazine - Guy Hanson
The Wright Stationery - Monique Basil-Wright
Travel Counsellors - Jen Bekker
Travel Counsellors - Kate Self
Travel Counsellors - Mimi Ronald
Travel Counsellors - Zoe Herbert
Trethowans - Michele White
Troy Accounting - Boo Donovan
Troy Accounting - Helen Clements




Way Out Far - Vicki Jakes
Wessex Cancer Trust - Laura Beavis
Winchester Hospice - Judith Charmer
WPA Healthcare - Matt Smith


Your Lead Machine - Drew Patel